Thursday, May 19, 2011

Dancing In The Rain

    • I am out in a dark storm with lightning flashing and great pounds of thunder all around me.
      The rain is falling but I've forgotten how to dance.
      The tears that drop from my lonely eyes and the drops from the sky blend together and fall to the ground.
      No one is there to take my hand and lift my head.

      But then in the distance, I see you, the God who I am so desperately trying to find.
      You stand proudly looking at me, your most prized possession.
      Your smile reminds me that my search is over because I have stripped everything away from my selfish desires and simply come to give myself to you.

      As I step forward towards you, I know my life has been turned in this new direction: 
      where you are my guide and I depend on you for any and every situation. 
      When we meet, you gently take my hand and spin me around while I laugh and smile.

      You are teaching me to dance in this ever falling rain. 
      Your love will lead my steps.
      Written during Summer 2007 

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