Saturday, January 21, 2012

I Can Do Anything, but not Everything

I can do Anything, but not Everything:

   As a child, she was taught to live happily, believing she could do anything when she grew up. Mommy and Daddy looked out for her, she was given warm coats in the winter, a piano to play with, and a church to attend. It was these three gifts that allowed this little girl to believe she was special, to believe that she could be anything she wished when she grew up.
She set out to discover what she would be when she grew up. She decided first upon a pet shot owner, then a farmer, and finally, a veterinarian. In order to prepare for her along awaited future, she proceeded to watch vet shows on tv in which surgery’s were performed. She was determined to overcome her fear of blood and guts!

    Meanwhile, she continued playing piano half-heartedly...that is until she met a very important woman in her life. This woman taught the little girl how to read and interpret the language of music. Piano was no longer a chore. It became a passion. Was this passion enough to change the course that her innocent heart had chosen? It was. In fact, another passion was slowly developing in a place this little girl never suspected. Women were her soul inspiration. Without the help of each one, four in particular, this little girl would have been lost. 

    Life as she now knows it to be would never have been the same. She was challenged by these four strong women to reach beyond what she thought was possible. She was taught to fulfill her potential. She struggled at times to grow up and attend to her responsibilities, but mistakes were meant to be made...and learned from. She entered the adult world with fully feathered wings, ready to take off in any direction. It has taken her this long to realize the blessings that come with options, but also the acceptance of being human. She loves to try everything, to devote herself to whatever needs she encounters. She was empowered by those who had the courage to inspire her.

She is not superwoman, she cannot do everything. 
But through Christ, she can do anything.